Vistha is a plastic component and product manufacturer. With an eye for solutions that make everyday life easy, Vistha identifies gaps in product installation, equipment defects, manufacturing limitations and construction flaws. With these small but problems that affecting the quality of life issues, Vistha designs, tests and introduces new products and fixes that make incompatible solutions working perfect, hence offering better performance, long life and an appealing finish.


Vistha currently produces corners and accessories for Aluminium fabrication and mosquito net with dust controller for air holes. Designed with accuracy and compatibility in mind, these products fit into a variety of aluminium fabrication applications ranging from Kitchen, Door, Show-case, windows etc. The mosquito net is one of the most sought after solutions for homes built in Kerala with air holes which are designed to allow air passage, however turned into a nightmare by turning themselves into easy access for mosquitoes to enter.  Vistha mosquito nets are designed in such a way that they can easily be attached to air holes of any size and shape. With an aesthetic appeal instilled into these products, they are not just solutions that serve the purpose but they make a style statement to your interiors.


Started in 2012, Vistha has two manufacturing units producing different accessories for a variety of needs. The company has a network of dealers that can ensure the supply of products across India.  The products can also be found in a range of hardware shops across Kerala and Tamilnadu.